Angeles Forest trip

April 17th, 2009

 Next week we will be going on a 25 mile 3 day hike in the San Gabriel mountains. This is going to be our starter trip for the summer hiking season. We will be testing our new attachment for the Backpacker Oven. We will be using a Snow peak canister stove and also be trying the oven out with an MSR Pocket Rocket canister stove. We then hope to be selling the attachment for the use of canister stoves on our Web site This will be a first for wilderness ovens useing canister type stoves.

New Attachment

April 14th, 2009

It looks like we will be starting to sell the new attachment to go with the Backpacker Oven very soon. With this attachment you will be able to use backpacking canister type stoves. This will make the number of stove that can be used with the Backpacker Oven enormous.

2009 Whitney trip

February 10th, 2009

We are taking reservations for a guided trip to Mt. Whitney from Cottonwood Pass trail. We will supply breakfast and deserts you supply lunch and dinner. The cost for the trip will be $450.00 USD. To be paid 50% upon reservation and the remaining upon arrival at the trail head. If you are interested or have questions please contact me at
The date for the first trip is June 22nd thru the 28th. The second trip has not been scheduled as of yet but planned for the end of August.
See photos of our last trip at also check out the goodies that we bake along the trail.

Requirements you must be in shape for at least 10 miles per day with 35 to 45 pound backpack. You will need to bring all your own gear. The only items that we will supply are Breakfast and fresh baked goodies everyday. We will also supply Chilli with fresh baked corn bread at Guitar lake after the day hike to the top of Mt. Whitney.